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Your Business Is Complex.
Your Tech Scales.
So Should Your Code Variations.

Variant offers a uniquely generalized, patent-pending approach to instrumenting online experiments and feature flags. Architected as client/server middleware, it is tightly integrated with your applications and operational data. Variant is particularly attractive to cloud-native host applications.

Variant AIM Server

Application Iteration Management

Your application evolves by iterating. Next iteration is the current iteration plus a small code delta. Managing the transition from current iteration to the next is what we call Application Iteration Management. The end goal is to mitigate the risk of code error or product mistake with code variations, which preserve the current code path alongside the candidate code path. These temporary code bifurcations are either feature flags or experiments (A/B tests). Instrumenting code variations at scale is the hard problem we solve.

Internet Scale

Variant makes running hundreds of concurrent experiments at one time, or conducting hundreds of production deployments daily commonplace. Our tech cleanly factors out the instrumentation of code variations from the host application code base into Variant server. This makes the task of instrumenting and braking down of new feature flags and experiments very simple and risk free. Consequently, you can instrument a large number of experiments and feature flags with very little additional development effort or risk.

Middleware vs SaaS

Other feature rollout and experimentation management products are, under the hood, email marketing SaaS tools retrofitted with server-side bindings. This setup works for simpler, less critical use cases, but falters at scale and falls short of what’s required by complex enterprise use cases. Variant is architected from the ground up as distributed middleware, deployed on-premises or on the cloud alongside the host application, which results in a massive gain in critical features, while at the same time streamlines administration and integration.

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