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Advanced Feature Toggles With Variant

By IGOR URISMAN. Aug 27, 2017.

Typically, you will deploy a new feature to coexist with the current code path, instrumented as a randomized controlled experiment. You will likely send only a small fraction of your user traffic into the new code path for two reasons: 1) to limit the disclosure of the new experience while under experiment; and 2) to minimize the impact of possible defects in the new code. This latter concern is a discipline in its own rights, known as gradual roll-out or feature toggle.

Clearly, feature toggling falls well within Variant’s capabilities. In this post I will show how you can use Variant’s capabilities to

  • Manage which user population will be sent into the new feature;
  • Throw the switch off on a feature, should a defect be discovered, without interrupting the host application;
  • Use Variant’s custom events to trace the new code path;

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