19-11-05 Variant Is Open Source

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Variant Is Now Free and Open Source

5 November, 2019.
By Igor Urisman and Anurag Mehta

Today, we are delighted to announce that all Variant’s tech is now free and open source. The server and available client binaries may be downloaded from this site, or built from sources. The server is offered under the GPL v.3 license and the clients under the Apache v.2 license.

We spent the last four years working toward the goal of creating the novel application iteration platform that will enable enterprises to instrument practically unlimited number of concurrent feature experiments and feature flags. Along this path, after conducting many client interviews and sales calls, we’ve come to realize that our product’s principal audience being developers (and not marketing teams, as is the case with our commercial SaaS counterparts) makes the proprietary license route problematic, given the tectonic shift in recent decades from proprietary to open source. Most application stacks today are made up exclusively of free and open source technologies.

We would like to express our gratitude to those of you out there, who helped us along the way and made our lives over the last four years a thrill. We’re also looking forward to making many new friends: please get in touch if you’re interested in contributing.

Igor & Anurag.