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Package com.variant.server.api

Top level classes in the Variant Server Extension SPI.

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Package com.variant.server.api Description

Top level classes in the Variant Server Extension SPI. User code consuming this API runs in the address space of Variant Server.

There are two principal types of server-side extensions which can be developed using this SPI: lifecycle hooks and event flushers. Lifecycle hooks are listeners of lifecycle events, e.g. descendants of the LifecycleEvent, type. Lifecycle hooks provide a convenient way of injecting application specific semantics in Variant server's default behavior.

Event flushers are responsible for final ingestion of Variant trace events (not to be confused with lifecycle events). The standard extension library, which comes with Variant Server, contains several popular event flushers, such as one for the PostgreSQL database. It is likely, however, that you will want to develop your own flusher to suit your application environment.

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Variant Experience Server release 0.10.3. Updated 27 Dec 2019.
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