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Variant Licensing and Pricing

About Variant Server Licensing

You may download Variant Experiment Server free of charge, to be used for development purposes only, as explained in the Free Development License. If you wish to deploy Variant server in production, you must first get in touch and obtain a Production License.

Variant Production License is designed to maximize your investment into Variant software by letting you pay only for the experiments you conduct. Whenever you deploy Variant Experiment Server in a production environment, you must supply the production license number in the server config. You cannot use Variant server in a production environment without first obtaining the production license number.

A Variant server in a production environment makes periodic outbound HTTPS calls to the Variant metering service at where we collect and aggregate your usage information. If outbound connectivity is restricted by your security policies, Variant provides white-listing of allowed caller IP addresses. If you would like to audit the content of metering transmissions, you may configure metering logging, which will log all communications with Variant’s metering service locally for your inspection.

We are also pleased to offer a free production tier, to help you bootstrap your first experiments. First 10,000 experiment sessions per month are free. Typically, this much experiment traffic is enough to conclude two A/B tests or one multivariate test.

Should your account become delinquent, Variant server will automatically throttle down your experiment traffic to the volume permitted by the free tier. Any traffic beyond that will be treated as if all the tests were marked OFF in the experiment schema.

Variant Server Pay-per-Use Pricing

  Variant sessions per month
  0 – 20,000 20,001 – 250,000 250,001 – 5,000,000 5,000,001 – 50,000,000 Over 50,000,000
Cost per session, $ Free 0.0125 0.0025 0.0005 0.0001
Monthly cost, $ 0 0 – 2,875 2,875 – 14,700 14,700 – 37,065 37,065 – N/A