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The Variant White Paper

April 19, 2019

Interactive computer applications are the mainstay of the Internet economy, supporting trillions of dollars of economic activity annually. Most people interact with websites, mobile apps, computer games, IVR systems, etc. on a daily basis. Across all such applications, there are at least two compelling use cases, calling for co-existence of parallel user experiences: feature toggles (a.k.a. feature flags) and experiments (a.k.a. A/B tests.)

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Statistical Analysis of Variant Experiments

October 25, 2016

Controlled experiments are different from observational studies, one typically hears about in the news. In an observational study, the subjects themselves choose their assignment to the different experiment groups, while the investigator interprets the results. By contrast, in a controlled experiment, the investigator gets to decide who will be in the treatment group and who will be in the control.

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