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New in Release 0.9

June 2018

Variant Experience Server

Hot Deployment of Variation Schemata

In release 0.9 you no longer need to restart Variant server in order to deploy a new schema or to make changes to a currently deployed schema. Variant server now watches the schemata directory for any file system changes and reacts to these changes as following:

  1. Deployment of new schemata.
  2. Undeployment of live schemata.
  3. Updates to live schemata.

To deploy a new variation schema, simply place its schema file in the schemata directory — Variant server will detect the file and attempt to deploy the schema contained therein. To (re)deploy a live schema on a running Variant server, simply override the schema file in the schemata directory. You can also undeploy a live schema by deleting its schema file.

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Session Draining

Whenever a schema is undeployed, Variant server will keep it around while all the sessions are drained, i.e. until the last active session connected to that schema is naturally expired. No new connections to this schema will be accepted while it is draining. Session draining isolates live sessions from schema updates, which is necessary to guarantee targeting stability. In practice this means that, for instance, you can throw a toggle off at any time, without worrying what might happen to those user sessions who are already in the experience.

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Variant Client SDKs

Java Client

  • Client-side life-cycle hooks are now similar to the server-side ExtAPI’s life-cycle hooks.
  • Variant session is not fully distributed: any change to the session state made by a client, is reflected in other clients.

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Revised to adhere to the same wire protocol as the Java client. In particular, a connection to a schema is now required.

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